Student Intervention Process (SIT)

Student Intervention Team (SIT)
The Redding Elementary Community Vision

Redding Elementary School provides a collaborative environment where personalized learning is paramount for all stakeholders. As we become self-directed, lifelong learners we will: self-reflect in order to learn and grow, persevere, problem-solve and think critically, take informed action and respect ourselves, others and our environment.

RES supports all students in their social, emotional, and cognitive development through the Connecticut state mandated law titled “Scientific Research Based Interventions”. In ER9, we call this process our “Student Intervention Team” (SIT). SIT operates according to a three-tiered, school-wide approach to meet the needs of all learners in a strategic, systemic way. SIT is “fluid”; students move between tiers depending on their response level to interventions.

image of Tier Pyramid
Tier 1 – 100% of students; general education and school-wide curriculum
Tier 1 supports all students through the general curriculum and school initiatives. At RES, students receive consistent, high quality instruction through best teaching practices, differentiation, progress monitoring, professional dialogue and specialist consult. Tier 1 is also implemented through positive behavior initiatives; the promotion of a community dynamic and positive school climate; and social, emotional, physical and developmental support. 100% of Redding Elementary students receive Tier 1 instruction 100% of the time.

Tier 2 – 5-15% of students (per interventionist); small groups 1-2x per week
Tier 2 increases support for those students who have been identified based on a variety of data sources, including but not limited to: grades, district, school and state assessments, in-class observations, and anecdotal evidence. Tier 2 is initiated only after the SIT team has exhausted Tier 1 interventions over the course of an 8-12 week period. Approximately 10-15% of Redding Elementary students receive Tier 2 interventions under each interventionist, which occur in small groups 1-2 times per week.

Tier 3 – 1-5% of students (per interventionist); daily “mini” groups or daily individual support
Tier 3 intensifies support for those students not responding to Tier 2 interventions over an 8-12 week period. A decision about this response level depends on similar data sources to those described above, but also the more specific interventions and programs utilized by our specialists in Tier 2. Approximately 1-5% of Redding Elementary students receive Tier 3 interventions under each interventionist, which occur in daily “mini” groups or daily individual support.

The SIT team meets as follows:
➢ The grade level and teams of teachers meet weekly at the Tier 1 level to discuss interventions and strategies for use with all students.
➢ The SIT team members are regularly available for consult with all teachers to assist in Tier 1 interventions.
➢ The entire SIT team meets once a month for Tier 2 or 3 data analysis and intervention discussions.
➢ Tier 2 and 3 cases are reviewed within 8-12 weeks of an initial referral.

The SIT team consists of:
➢ Joseph Amodio, Assistant Principal
➢ Toni D'Agostino, Early Intervention Specialist, (SIT Coordinator)
➢ Classroom Teachers and Special Education Teachers
➢ Brandi Oatis, Literacy Specialist
➢ Jennifer Connolly, School Nurse (as appropriate)
➢ Melissa Null, Math Specialist
➢ Kristin Martin, School Social Worker
➢ Sammi Guersko-Moore, School Psychologist

For more information, please visit the Connecticut State Department of Education website. The link to the page with SRBI information is here:
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